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GAIA Xchange

Data marketplace

Get discovered by an ever-growing pool of potential clients from around the world.
Showcase the value of your data and expedite the sales cycle.
Customize your data packages.
Data delivery
Reduce operational costs through immediate digital delivery.

Maximize your reach

As an E&P content provider, you want to optimize both the visibility and delivery of your datasets. But no single, industry-specific platform exists that will instantly connect you with interested buyers as well as accelerate the data-delivery process—until now.

The GAIA digital subsurface platform is your solution to boost visibility, market access, data delivery, and sales. No matter your E&P data type, the GAIA platform highlights your structured or unstructured content on a searchable, ultraperformant global map. It puts your data in context so potential clients from around the world can quickly discover, explore, and purchase your datasets—all from a single platform.

GAIA Xchange
Data marketplace

Now you can create and sell your content by joining the GAIA Xchange data marketplace.

Image showing seismic data provided via the GAIA digital subsurface platform
Join the GAIA Xchange data marketplace to highlight your data and reach an ever-growing pool of potential buyers.

Join the industry's first digital E&P data marketplace

Highlight your data in the GAIA platform and reach interested buyers by joining the GAIA Xchange data marketplace. It is the industry’s first digital E&P data marketplace where you can build your company profile, create custom datasets, engage with potential clients, and even collaborate with other content providers to codevelop data derivatives.

Powered by the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, the marketplace is open to content providers across all phases of exploration and production, without restriction or exclusivity.

Optimize sales opportunities, traceability, and control

By joining the GAIA Xchange data marketplace, you can

  • self-generate sales leads
  • increase long-tail market opportunities
  • enable remote sales during travel restrictions
  • reduce operational costs and total cost of ownership
  • improve data and entitlements traceability
  • get key insight on sales leads
  • collaborate with a network of growing members.
A woman looks at the large amount of data available in GAIA platform.
The GAIA Xchange data marketplace is open to all content providers across the E&P life cycle. No matter your data type, the marketplace enables you to publish custom data packages to the GAIA platform to optimize your sales opportunities.

Your contracts, your relationships—made smarter, faster, and better.

Image showing user exploring custom datasets in the GAIA digital subsurface platform
The GAIA Xchange marketplace enables immediate data delivery, putting content right at your client's fingertips.

Your data. Your business.

The GAIA Xchange data marketplace gives you complete control of your data: You have the flexibility to scale your offering and choose the level of visibility. And the relationships you build within the marketplace are entirely your own.

Minimize latency

The GAIA Xchange data marketplace provides a secure, controlled, and instant data exchange. Your clients can quickly find and purchase the custom datasets you publish to the GAIA platform for immediate data delivery, accelerating the sales cycle.

Help create the industry’s global E&P data marketplace
Together with you, we are creating an industry-first data marketplace—instantly connecting you with interested buyers from around the world to sell custom datasets and accelerate the sales cycle. Are you ready to join the marketplace?
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