At Global Leadership Adventures, "leadership" is in our name for a reason.


A principal focus at Global Leadership Adventures is personal growth and leadership – it’s in our name, after all!

We believe that leaders are made and not born. Leadership is embedded in all of our programs, across all spectrums, to inspire students to continue to “be the change.”

The GLA Leadership Curriculum is designed to engage students on all levels and is tailored to each unique group. The curriculum utilizes critically reflective journaling and intentional Mentor-facilitated discussion to digest and process daily experiences through the lens of leadership.

We celebrate examples of outstanding leaders we encounter in the community; guest speakers bring concepts to life and demonstrate the full spectrum of leadership styles and approaches.

Leadership is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re attending a GLA service-learning program abroad or close to home, or you’re participating in one of our virtual programs online, we’ll help you find, articulate and develop your personal leadership style.