COVID-19 Risk Management Framework

Learn more about Global Leadership Adventures' COVID-19 Risk Management Operating Framework.


After months of intentional and meticulous planning, GLA successfully resumed international and domestic programs during the summer of 2021.

GLA has developed the following risk management response framework to ensure we are taking every precaution to actively manage this evolving situation. The safety of students, staff, and local communities remains our highest priority.

Our risk management strategies will be in fluctuation as new information and treatments become available. We closely follow the CDC guidelines for guidance and authority, and these requirements by GLA may change closer to departure based on current CDC guidelines and destination requirements.

Therefore, this is a living framework that will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.


  • Consult guidelines in accordance with the official Travel Health Notices as provided by the Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization.
  • All students traveling to our in-person programs must be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations prior to departure.
    • GLA asks that all students and staff are fully vaccinated and ‘up to date’ with their COVID-19 vaccination for participation in the program. GLA participants should take all doses and any recommended boosters for their age group depending on the vaccine received, their age and when eligible.
    • Due to program logistics, restrictions and mandates in our program locations and local venue requirements we are currently unable to enroll students with medical or religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination.
  • We ask all families and staff to limit exposure and avoid non-essential contact outside of their immediate pod or family unit as best as possible 10 days prior to their program departure, in preparation for their COVID-19 test.
  • All families and staff obtain and submit a negative COVID-19 test prior to arriving on your program. We will accept either a PCR test or a rapid Antigen test.
    • For a PCR test, take it within 3 days of the start of your program. Be sure you’ll get the results prior to arriving on your program.
    • For a rapid antigen test, it must be taken within 24-hours of your program (as close to getting on the plane as possible, preferably!)
    • If you are traveling early to your destination, we prefer that you obtain your COVID test in your destination instead of before your departure.
    • This currently includes anyone who is vaccinated. See our FAQ page for details.
    • If you have had COVID-19 within 90 days of the program, you may be eligible to travel on a Documentation of Recovery.
  • All students will wear a KN95 / N95 mask while en route to their program.
  • All students are required to bring 2 rapid antigen Covid-19 tests with them to the program, to be used only if symptomatic.
  • All staff trained on preventative measures and student group management.
  • All programs undergo a thorough program risk assessment.
  • Program itinerary and Home Base reviewed to ensure Covid-19 GLA Operating Guidelines can be met.

During Program

  • All students will be broken into smaller group pods for the first 3 days on the program. Each pod will wear masks when around each other when physical distancing measures cannot be maintained.
  • On day 3, staff will do a health check with all students. If everyone remains symptom free, the students will be allowed to remove their masks and interact with one another between pods.
    • If any students show symptoms, they will first take an Antigen test. If confirmed positive, COVID-19 incident response will be initiated.
    • Students are urged to wear their KN95 / N95 masks during this time, however, they may also wear surgical or cloth masks; the most comfortable mask that you can wear all day for activities is the most effective mask here.
  • Once masks are removed, all students and staff included in the Travel Pod will wear masks anytime they are interacting with anyone outside of the Travel Pod and physical distancing measures cannot be maintained.
  • Staff to provide a thorough student orientation that covers additional COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.
  • All staff and students undergo a daily health check.
  • Enhanced cleaning, hygiene and sanitation measures will be implemented.
  • If illness is contracted, follow the guidance of instruction by the highest trained individuals (students follow guidance from staff, staff follow guidance from GLA, medical consultant, insurance support and medical facilities).
  • Though the Covid-19 test prior to departure from the program has been formally dropped by the U.S. government as of June 12, we still recommend that any students who have had Covid-19 within the past 90 days of their program should still obtain and bring a Documentation of Recovery with them to the program.


  • Monitor symptoms and inform GLA if you develop COVID-19-related symptoms or have a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Commit to isolating from vulnerable individuals for 2 weeks upon return home and consider testing.