Global Summer Symposium

on Animal Conservation


Join us for a two-week online program where you will explore the connection between conservation of the natural world and our own. Travel virtually to Thailand and South Africa to see how wildlife conservation is being used to work toward a more sustainable future for life above land and below water. Challenge conventional thinking as you embrace new systems and approaches to support sustainable wildlife conservation.


  • Travel “virtually” to Thailand and South Africa to collaborate with leaders from the region
  • Learn how two organizations on the front line of animal conservation are confronting critical issues
  • Meet like-minded peers with a shared interest in wildlife conservation
  • Explore UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 – Life Below Water
  • Dive into UN Sustainable Development Goal #15 — Life On Land
  • Earn a certificate of achievement at the end of your two-week experience

During this Global Summer Symposium on Animal Conservation, we’re going to explore animal conservation efforts being put into place in parts of Africa and Asia.

Learn how two organizations working on animal conservation efforts are confronting critical issues around conservation of great white sharks, African penguins and Asian elephants.

Students on this program will travel “virtually” to South Africa and Thailand to see unique, remarkable efforts being made to preserve life on the planet. Connect deeply to the natural world as well as to each culture you encounter along the way.

Throughout this two-week online program, learn about efforts to protect and preserve the natural world.

For the South African portion of the program, students will learn from South Africa’s top marine scientists from Marine Dynamics.

Hear their first-hand accounts of researching the Marine Big Five and learn more about what we can do to protect the oceans for our marine wildlife.

Together with OurLand in Thailand, students will be introduced to an organization serving as the perfect case study for living in harmony with wildlife.

Dive deeper into our interconnected world as you learn from first-hand experiences of those working to support both the surrounding communities and Thai elephants for a more sustainable tomorrow.

During this program, students will explore United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 – Life Below Water and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #15 – Life on Land.

From South Africa, see how life below water is being damaged and efforts being taken to protect it, including a closer look at sharks and penguins

From Thailand, hear from Vijo Varghese and his team at OurLand as they help to protect wild elephants and other animal life in Southeast Asia

Earn a certificate of achievement and use this experience as a capstone for your college applications or future career resumes

July 19-30, 2021

Now Open for Ages 14-19

$1,499 USD